Cheese is my weakness. Harry Potter is my strength.

"Great books help you understand, and they help you feel understood."
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How does it feel to first be the mentor of the competition? […] as well as Oliver realizing, you know, the Green Arrow is going to eventually have to face The Flash? x

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"Conceal, don’t feel. Don’t let them know."
Elsa and Oliver Queen
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Warm Up, Tabata: Jump Rope

Circuit (4 rounds)

10/10 Reverse Dumbbell Chop
15 Goblet Squat
10 Up/Down Plank Burpees
10 Wall Sit with Alternating Bicep Curls

Yoga by Candace: Abs and Gentle Yoga



15-lb dumbbells DB Chop (one) / Goblet Squats (two)
12-lb dumbbells: Bicep Curls

Circuit: 4 rounds (5:15/7:23/7:40/8:06 mins, respectively) with 1-min of rest between rounds. This was a bit intense. Or at least it felt that way for me. I give myself kudos for getting back to it every time the 1-min break was over. For the Up/Down Plank Burpees, I did the Up/Down motion thingy after the each pushup. For the Alternating Bicep Curls, left + right = 1 rep. I changed the position of my legs for the Wall Sit on every round (regular, wide, narrow, regular…again.)

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Warm Up, Tabata: Jump Rope

Circuit (3 rounds)

5/5 Single Leg Deadlift/Side Kick + Kneel/Front Kick combo
10 Crab Touch to Breakdance Pushup
10/10 Curtsy Lunge to Leg Lift
10 Squat Blockers

Yoga by Candace for Strength and Flexibity



15-lb dumbbells: Curtsy Lunge to Leg Lift
12-lb dumbbell: Squat Blockers

Circuit: 3 rounds (12:15/11:01/11:05 mins, respectively) with 30-secs of rest between rounds. Pretty good set of compound moves, tons of reps, total, then a 30-min yoga flow to complete the routine.

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Fighting Weight Stigma →
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What do we have to be nervous about?

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Warm Up, Tabata: Jump Rope

Circuit (4 rounds)

10 High Low Pushups
10 Lateral to Front Arm Raise combo
12 Plank Straddle Hops
10/10 Concentration Curls

Blogilates: Ab Sculping Workout
Yoga by Candace for a Good Sweat



8-lb dumbbells: Lateral/Front Arm raises
12-lb dumbbells: Concentration Curls

Circuit: Today I was in a good mood, so I did this. I’m writing now still in a daze from Arrow’s Season 3 premiere (BECAUSE OMG!) but didn’t want to postpone the update. So, yeah, I did that. I forgot to time myself, but I didn’t take long breaks between rounds, moving fairly quickly from one to the other. For the Arm Raise combo, 1 Lateral Raise + 1 Front Raise = 1 rep.

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Arrow is back tonight. I can’t properly function…but I’m so happy I may actually work out today.


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