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Warm Up, Tabata: Jump Rope

Circuit (3 rounds)

2 sets of 15 Side Lunge Switch with Touchdown
10 Flying Burpees
15 Booty Pop Bridge
1-min Earthquake

POP Pilates: Perky Butt N’ Long Lean Legs
Song Challenge: Starfish Punches to Fitz and the Tantrum’sSpark
POP Pilates: Stretching for Flexibility



15-lb dumbbells: Booty Pop Bridge

Circuit/Blogilates: I put together this circuit last minute. I’m more than mildly sore all over already so I kept it simple. All moves had an isometric twist to it. For the Side Lunge Switches, I held the Side Lunge position for 5-secs after each set. For the Flying Burpees, I held the Chair Pose and Candlestick portions for 5-secs each. I used weights for the Booty Pops and I held the thrusting position for about a second on each rep and 5-secs on the last rep. To finish each round, I did the Earthquake for 1-min.

I followed that with Perky Butt N’ Long Lean Legs to further target the booty. [I like that video, partly because Cassey talks about how it feel to work out under nasty humid conditions (also known as “my everyday life”) and I’m all like “You get it now! Now you get it!”.


Anyway, tomorrow MIGHT be a rest day.

Reading is primarily a symptom. Of a healthy imagination, of our interest in this and other worlds, of our ability to be still and quiet, of our ability to dream during daylight.

—Carmen Callil (among MANY others), Stop What You’re Doing and Read This (via quoted-books)

(via blame-it-on-the-books)

Mother Earth,

mother Earth is dying,

and when it rains means that beautiful bitch is crying.




  • me: this book destroyed my life and broke my heart into a million tiny pieces
  • me: here read it


Warm Up, Zuzka Light: 3-min Yoga Challenge

Circuit (4 rounds)

10 Goblet Squats
10 Plank Step Over Pushups
20 Split Squat Jumps
15 Tricep Dips

Blogilates, Bikini Blaster 5: Muffintopless
Blogilates: Stretches for Chilling Out



15-lb dumbbells (30-lb load) for Goblet Squats
a Chair

Circuit/Blogilates: So, I kind of planned this to be a 3 round circuit. I did better with my time than I anticipated so I ended up doing 4 rounds instead. *pats self in the back* My times per round were 6:31/6:22/6:13/7:00 mins respectively, taking a 1-min break between rounds. I follow that with a decent attempt at Muffintopless and then some well earned stretching. Overall, this turned out to be a 350 rep workout. I KICKED MY ASS! I’m so proud, though. *tear*

  • Augustus: so your name is four
  • Tobias: yeah
  • Augustus: you could say it's a metafour
  • Tobias: will you stop